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Meet our new Data Economy Advisor Jarkko Moilanen Ph.D

Jarkko defended his doctoral dissertation on 3D printing focused Peer Production: Revolution in design, development and manufacturing, and the related dissertation is one of the few works describing the 3D printing ecosystem. The dissertation consists of articles, all of which have been co-written with other researchers. Jarkko's way of working as a writer is to collaborate with others instead of writing everything himself.

In October 2017, Jarkko got the idea to write an API Economics book and came up with the name "API Economy 101". The title reflects the purpose of the book, which is to provide a basic package of API economics information to people in charge of business, rather than addressing the issue from a technology perspective. Jarkko invited 3 other experts in the field he knew to participate in the writing process. The book was published under an ideological name in August 2018 by Alma Talent. The book was translated into 2019 in English as "API Economy 101". In the autumn of 2018, Jarkko began working on a new book in English on "Build for Developers - Application Developers as Customers in API Economy". Jarkko also invited other experts in the field to this work, but this time in the role of advisors. The invitees mainly represent application developers, i.e. typical API economy customers and interface consumers. As the writing work progressed slowly, Jarkko decided to try a new approach from July 2019 onwards. He started writing one developer-related writing a day for his own writing series called 100 Days DX. The last summary article in the series was completed on November 6, 2019. Editing the material for the book is in progress. At the same time as 100 Days DX was completed, Jarkko began the video production developer experience of business significance. Doctor of Developer eXperience includes approximately 10-15 minutes of informative videos, often based on scientific articles. In November 2019 Jarkko started to develop Data Product Toolkit, which is a set of canvases to design data products which are the building blocks of the data economy. Data productizement process and tools are part of the research aimed at Jarkko's second dissertation.

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